SS BURNER TUBE FOR 30-NC ( all three are available )

Regular price $159.99

Burner tubes (stainless steel). Fits in the firebox ceiling for stove stove 30-NC , If need all three then order this part on this page, if only need one tube then call 434-946-2626 with correct part number for that tube.  ALL 3 tube kit  # AC-30BTK

If you need a single tube call us for order, 434-946-2626 below is individual tubes for this stove

(front tube # AC-30BT1)    (2nd tube # AC-30BT2)  (3rd tube # AC-30BT3)  $50.00 for each section.
NOTE: Be sure to order the correct tube you need to replace (front, second, third or rear) as each tube is different. Owner's manual shows proper placement
Tube is similar to product pictured.