SS BURNER TUBE FOR 17-VL ( both are available )

Regular price $155.95

Stainless steel burner tubes for stoves with "17" in model number. The tubes are located in the top of the stove.
Two tubes are pictured, this is a kit sold with both tubes odrer # AC-17BTK

If you only need the front or back tube, then call 434-946-2626 with the order # front AC-17BTF or rear AC-BTR. They are priced at 48.00 ea

IMPORTANT: This is the FRONT tube (closest to the door).
It is number 13 on the parts diagram:

IMPORTANT: This is the REAR tube (closest to the back of the stove).
It is number 15 on the parts diagram:

NOTE: Be sure to order the correct tube you need to replace (front, or rear) as each tube is different. Owner's manual shows proper placement
Tube is similar to product pictured.