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 Heat Powered Black 4-Blade Wood Stove Fan information

1.The fan base and blade are made from anodized aluminum which will not rust or corrode. This stove fan has been designed to deliver a very broad thermal current. 
2.The stove fan generates its own power by the heat from the stove. 
3.The strip of metal in the base of the fan is a Bi-metallic strip designed to raise the edge of the fan slightly as the maximum operating temperature is approached. 
4.Operating above the recommended temperature of 660° F / 350° C may damage the fan and the electricity generating units. ( RUNNING TEMPERATURE: 185-680°f)
5.Keep fan away from small children when in use.

New designed 4 Blades Heat Powered Stove Fan for Wood / Log Burner/Fireplace

  • For use on wood stoves, including EPA certified stoves
  • Heat powered, no batteries or electricity required
  • Silently and efficiently circulates warm air throughout the room
  • Innovative and durable design
  • No assembly required, ready to use out of the box
  • Increases room comfort by circulating warm air around the room
  • Stylish black blade is designed for long life and high efficiency
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