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Blower that attaches to 50-TNC30 stove's rear heat shield with four screws that are pre-installed on stove. Evens heat flow throughout your heating area by circulating warm air over your stove and around your room. Complete assembly. 4.5" x 4.5" x 18". Variable-speed blower with rheostat (to control fan speed).

Applicable Stove Models  Englander, Summers Heat, Timber Ridge

15-SSW01, 50-SHSSW01 and 50-TRSSW01 Parts (The Madison wood stove) and larger one 15-SSW02, 50-SHSSW02 and 50-TRSSW02 

| 30-NCP, 30-NCL & 30-NCG; 50-SNC30P, 50-SNC30L, 50-SNC30PM & 50-SNC30G; 50-TNC30P, 50-TNC30L & 50-TNC30G

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