55-TRPCAB80 - PELLET BURNING STOVE - 2,000 sq. ft. (new)

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This cast iron door/window inspired pellet stove is powered by an auto-start igniter and user-friendly control board for quick and easy operation. Heating up to 2,000 sq. ft., it boasts an open, easy -to-clean firebox that burns cleanly and efficiently.

the decorative air wash adds beauty to the fire while keeping the door glass cleaner. The classic style is combined with solid American steel craftsmanship to deliver years of reliable heating for your home.


      * Pellet stoves are a alternative heat source and should not be used as sole heat to your home 


    • Heats up to 2,000 sq. ft. to ensure a warm, cozy living area
    • EPA Certified for very clean, efficient burns – you use less fuel for the same amount of heat than non-certified stoves
    • High Efficiency with low emissions
    • User-friendly digital control board controls heat output and blower speed for steady, accurate heating
    • Outside air hook-up provides fresh air for excellent fuel combustion
    • Up to 30 hours burn time on a single filling (follow all maintenance instructions)


    • Convenience:

        • Large, 80-lb. hopper capacity holds plenty of fuel for overnight burns
        • Our Auto-Start One Touch Ignition ensures simple, safe start-up, time after time
        • 3 in. rear vent fits standard pellet vent pipe, including our popular through-the-wall kit (optional)
        • Close clearance to combustibles allows for more placement options
        • Approved for Mobile Home installation
        • Handy access panels make maintenance a snap


        • Quality & Charm:

          • Satin black steel body with beautiful beveled cast door looks good in any home’s decor
          • Large door glass and air wash system offer a clear, beautiful view of the fire
          • Cabinet-style design and cast beveled door make this an attractive addition to any room
          • Meets UL and ULC standards for product safety                                                                                                                                                             Vent kits are available as an accessory on this web page. Accessories like kits can be added to stove order which will save on any shipping cost as stoves ship free. 
            For more information from the manufacturer click the following links:
            55-TRPCAB80 Information55-TRCAB80 Owner's Manual 
            • Resident Lift gate del ( cost an extra 75.00).  do not select lift gate delivery in check out window it’s already included
            • Free Shipment! (items above 125 lbs go to terminal near you for pick up) explained below *
            • Free Shipment! offered to work place if you have fork lift or a loading dock,    (if a workplace please send information with order)

            Dimensions: 23 1/4” W x 32 1/4” H x 21” D

            Weight: 308.0 lb

            Fuel Type: Pellet Fuel

            Door Glass Size: Approx. 9 1/8” x 9 1/8”
            Flue Size (I.D.): 3" pellet rear vent
            Height from floor to exhaust: Approx 13"
            Blower: 250 cfm, adjustable settings   *Shipping included in price, no extra cost!Resident Lift gate curb side delivery is free on this stove 
              • Inspect the shipment on delivery, it will be protected by a box stapled to pallet, If box looks damaged and can see where shipper has caused it remove the box inspect, you have the option of refusal if bad enough,  sign, & list damage, contact me so factory can get replacement. If minor damage then factory can send out paint or replacement parts.
          • However, if you purchased a stove that has the blemish written on box, that's not shipment damage.
            Can not put decorative log in stove. Pellet units will not burn corn.

            Warranty: Repair parts & warranty will be with manufacture, England Stove Works. One year warranty on electrical components, accessory items, glass and gaskets. 5 Yr Extended warranty on stove shell & cast iron door on certain stoves. Void on warranty for improper installation, improper handling, improper operation (see owner's manual).

            Sorry, we cannot sell or ship to Canada or outside of the 48 contiguous states.