Door Gasket Kit (Models After July 88) | Part Number: AC-DGKC

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Door Gasket Kit for models manufactured after July 1988. (Note: Also for wood insert models with JC or 20 in model number with manufacture date of 1986-1995). 
3/4" round door gasket, includes silicone necessary to install. 
Note: Is also the Ash Pan door gasket for the add-on wood furnace (models with '35' in model number). If ordering for the main door gasket and ash pan door gasket for the add-on wood furnace, order two kits

Applicable Stove Models: 18-MH18-TR18-TRD24-AC24-ACD24-FC24-ICD24-JC25-PAF25-PDV25-PDVC25-PDVP25-PFS25-PI27-C300028-3500