Auger Motor (1 RPM)-Part Number: PU-047040

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This is the feed motor used in stoves listed below:

1 R.P.M. Auger Motor for Pellet Units. (requiring 2 feed motors)
NOTE: Also used as a stirrer motor (turns the stirrer) in the multi-fuel unit (units with 10-CPM, 49-SHCPM, 49-SHCPML or 49-TRCPM in model number).

pellet stoves units using 2 of these motors:
25-PDVC, 55-SHP10, 55-TRP10
25-PDV, 55-SHP22, 55-TRP22

25-PI, 55-SHP20 and 55-TRP20 (insert)
And use as the stirrer motor:
10-CPM, 49-SHCPM, 49-TRCPM
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below is video of installation: