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The Primo Oval JR 200 All-In-One is deceptively large when it comes to cooking ability. Two 14 lb. turkeys can be roasted simultaneously. Perfect as a primary grill or as a complement to your existing grill. Features include a cast iron top vent, easy-to-read thermometer, porcelain coated reversible cooking grates, and stainless steel draft door.

Includes, Grill, Cradle, removable side shelves, Ash tool and Grill lifter.

Ceramic Composition. Primo Grills use only the highest quality ceramic for increased efficiency and durability. Meals prepare faster while moisture and flavor remain locked inside, leaving food juicy and tender, not dry. And the outer surface stays at a safe, warm-to-the-touch temperature.

  • Specifications Grill Weight...........145 lbs.
  • Cooking Area.......... 210 sq in.
  • Optional Rack System...150 sq in.
  • Total Cooking Area.....360 sq in.
  • Cooking Grid.......... 13.5” x 18.5”
  • Temperature Range......150°—850°F+

Note: Never use Lighter Fluid with your Primo Grill, the ceramic will absorb the smell and negatively affect the taste of your food. Do Not use briquettes. Use only Natural Lump Charcoal.

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(some assembly required) Primo Grills are the only Ceramic Grill manufactured in the USA!
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